The holiday season has officially arrived! The busyness that comes with this time of the year often disrupts our daily routine and eating habits. To help prevent this, here are some simple, healthy habits you can maintain during this busy season! 

1. Get Creative with Exercising 

Exercise is more than bulking, toning, or losing weight. Besides benefiting your health, it’s significant in relieving stress and improving your mood (endorphins make you happy)! 


Keep to a schedule! Find a time of day that works best for you and stick with it. Maybe it’s early in the morning or after work or on the weekends.


YouTube has free workouts that you can choose from. Many of them don’t require any equipment! Many gyms also started providing their own online workouts. Can’t get away from the family? Have them join you and make it a family activity! 


2. Drink Plenty of Water

The holidays are notorious for their delicious drinks, ranging from cocktails to sweet hot chocolate. 

This makes it easy to drink your calories and forget about drinking actual water. 


All that sugar can make you irritable and have headaches. Water impacts your energy levels and flushes toxins out of your system. Try sticking with 1-2 holiday drinks and drink plenty of water instead! 


3. Keep It Simple

It’s easy to feel pressured to keep holiday traditions, prepare extravagant meals, and create picture-perfect moments. Let me tell you, it’s okay to make it simple. You don’t have to 500+ meals, and you don’t even have to cook turkey or ham! 


The holidays, at their heart, are really about gratitude. Don’t let what seems ‘picture-worthy’ dictate your holidays. 


If a particular tradition has become too overwhelming, give yourself permission to start a new one. Let your traditions serve you, not the other way around. 


4. Prioritize Health Routine Check-Ups

The holiday season is the perfect time for family check-ups! Make sure to schedule your annual check-up and cleaning appointments. Did you know your insurance benefits don’t transfer over to the next year? What you don’t use, you lose. 



These habits are not only for the holidays but for every day of your life. However, you can start TODAY. The key is to start small. Maybe it’s 15-minutes of exercising, 3 days a week. Then increase gradually, maybe set a timer to stretch every hour and get water. Be creative, start slow, and have a long-term perspective. 


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