Employee Spotlight: Courtney M., Scheduling Coordinator

My name is Courtney and I have worked at the Rose Dental Group in Round Rock for almost a year. My favorite thing about my job is my team. I love everyone I work with and they make coming to work so much fun. I am a dental assistant as well, so working as a treatment coordinator comes easy since I know so much about what happens in the back. I love talking with patients and making sure they get whatever they need to ensure they have a great visit with us! I couldn’t be happier to be with Rose Dental!

Some of the things I like doing outside of work is painting! I am not artistic in any way but I love going to Painting with a Twist because they help you and with there help, my paintings don’t look so bad. If you haven’t gone, you should go! Its so much fun. 😊

Courtney is second from the left

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