Teeth Whitening 101

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Teeth whitening continues to be one of the most requested dental procedures every year. Who doesn’t love a bright, white smile? Teeth contain pores just like skin. Anything that is put in your mouth that has color will absorb into those pores. Coffee, wine, dark berries and smoking are extremely active in staining teeth. Overtime, the natural color of your teeth becomes darker. Unless these stains are actively removed, they will never go away.

Here at Rose Dental, we offer two whitening options:

1.) In-Office Teeth Whitening which is designed to lighten the color of your teeth using a hydrogen peroxide gel and has immediate results.

2.) Whitening Trays With Gel which are custom take home trays used along with a hydrogen peroxide gel and takes a week or two to see results.

If you are looking to have your teeth whitened, book an appointment with us today!

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